Architectural Review

Architectural Review Committee

Are you planning renovations or changes to your home?
New paint or siding, a new fence, utility building, deck, pool or installing a satellite/cable dish? If so please remember to submit these to the Architectural Review Committee (i.e. ARC).

Article VIII of the Covenants of Oxford Glen Subdivision states these above changes or additions must be approved by the committee. The committee is comprised of 5 board members. You will be asked to supply a paint color chip or drawings, pictures, or specs of any addition. The ruling of the committee will be returned within 10 days after receipt of all samples. If you need a copy of the covenants, please find those at the bottom of the HOA information page.

Simply contact the ARC using the following method:
Send an E-mail to:
Subject: ARC – your address
Body of E-mail – Your name, address and phone number along with a list of changes that are to be made. You will be contacted to arrange for samples to be picked up.

Below is a copy of the ARC Request Form. You may print and complete this form then submit it with any other information that is required.  Please follow the instructions printed for submitting requests to the ARC Committee.

Oxford Glen Homeowners ARC

Thank you for your cooperation!